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Providing Catastrophic Relief

  • This program assists our local heroes and their families who have suffered a catastrophic event, such as a life-threatening disease, fire, or flood.
  • Our program matches individuals and families with available resources within our community. Individuals & local business owners help meet those needs at no cost to the family. 
  • Realizing money is not the only thing needed during a time of crisis, we meet practical needs as well. 


Letter From The Founder of Everyday Heroes, USA

Upon returning from Afghanistan in 2006, I attempted to navigate the VA system for my medical and educational benefits and repeatedly found cracks in the system where our veterans were not getting the service and care they deserve.

As I looked closer, I saw that many of our veteran heroes were also the same men and women protecting our streets as law enforcement officers and firefighters. In frustration, I began searaching the local area for organizations dedicated to helping our heroes.

What I found was hundreds of organizations that provide either a service or a discount to our heroes and their families. Unfortunately, these organizations were very difficult to find and our heroes were not getting the help they desperately needed. In an effort to help our heroes, Everyday Heroes USA was created in 2007.

- Phillip Mockler
Sgt. U.S. Marines /U.S  Army  (Veteran)
Deputy, Sarasota County Sheriff Office


Our Mission

  •  Everyday Heroes USA is dedicated to assisting the current and past men, women, and families of the fire department, law enforcement and military.